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x737 Manual and Tools

Download your flight bag equipment here

Get the complete x737 manual here and augment your flight experience with sophisticated tools, or start with our beginners tutorial for flying 737 aircraft.

737 Aircraft Manual, Performance Charts and Fuel Planning Spreadsheets

Download the complete manual as pdf file here, alongside with complete performance planning charts and fuel plannning spreadsheets in NeoOffice and Excel format. Please do not forget that all downloads are under the copyright of Benedikt Stratmann and Pierre Stone, EADT. All manuals are updated to version 4.1 (released October 24th 2010) Get the whole manual here.
No redistribution without permission of the authors!

Download the x737 manual

737 Beginners Manual & Tutorial

This is a very good tutorial for those who are not so familiar with the Boeing 737 aircraft, written by Pierre Stone, EADT, and proofread and improved by Stephen Young. The tutorial guides you through the most important steps during a short sample flight.
Get part one of the tutorial (starting and takeoff) here.
The second part (descent and landing) is found here.
No redistribution without permission of the authors!

Download the x737 takeoff tutorial

Download the x737 landing tutorial

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