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Flying home for Christmas - 2020 special

Looking back on airberlin special liveries

A few years ago Air Berlin (since 2007 aka airberlin) was Germany's biggest Boeing 737 carrier, but in 2017 Air Berlin was suspended, changing the character of the aircaft collection on many German airports, but also on the Baleares islands (Mallorca well known as the biggest one), on the Canary Islands, in Greece and elsewhere. 

There is just one nice tradition we want to retro-celebrate this year. Every year between 2011 and 2014 Air Berlin promoted a special livery called 'Flying home for Christmas' by the end of the year. The x737project team, namely our chief painter Lukas Denhoff, has re-painted all four liveries for the x737project community, so fly home for a peaceful and hopefully healthy Christmas!

2011: D-ABMC 'Flying home for Christmas'

Get the 2011 D-ABMC 'Flying home for Christmas' livery for the x737-800


2012: D-ABMJ 'Flying home for Christmas'

Get the 2011 D-ABMJ 'Flying home for Christmas' livery for the x737-800


2013: D-ABMS 'Flying home for Christmas'

Get the 2011 D-ABMS 'Flying home for Christmas' livery for the x737-800


2014: D-ABML 'Flying home for Christmas'

Get the 2011 D-ABML 'Flying home for Christmas' livery for the x737-800

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