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Connect x737 to your hardware cockpit

16. February 2022

A number of great x737 pilots have connected the x737 aircraft to their hardware cockpit. Browse the links below for information about their concepts and download useful hints and resources.


16. February 2022

Reto Stoeckli, x737 pilot from the beginning of our project, provides open source code for Cockpit Builders using OpenCockpits Hardware. XPIOCARDS runs on Linux and Mac OSX since OpenCockpits already provides X-Plane connectivity on Windows. XPIOCARDS communicates flight data including x737-specific commands between X-Plane and USB-controlled Cockpit Hardware from OpenCockpits. XPIOCARDS is a framework for cockpit builders with programming experience and is not an end user application. Visit the XPIOCARDS project on Sourceforge for downloading the code, examples and documentation. Many thanks to Reto for his effort to our project!

XPUIPC project by SPYY

FSUIPC interface emulation for X-Plane

16. February 2022

XPUIPC is a plugin for X-Plane which "emulates" a FSUIPC interface (from Peter Dowson) to X-Plane. Many offsets are available to access variables according to FSUIPC offsets. This is an ongoing project which means offsets and functions will grow from release to release. The final goal is to make it possible to use addons which are using the FSUIPC interface from MS Flightsimulator with X-Plane.
Go to for more information.

Franciscos cockpit building blog

Lots of experiences with cockpit building

16. February 2022

Francisco Sedano has blogged his cockpit building activities on his site. Very helpful for all those who want to screw their own hardware.

Marcs x737 cockpit

German cockpit buildinglog

16. February 2022

Marc reports about the progress on his x737 hardware cockpit. This website is in German. Go to for a detailed overview.


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